Lead Supervisor Initial

This course is in accordance with all requirements of Texas Environmental Lead Reduction Rules.


(A) role and responsibilities of the supervisor;
(B) background information on lead and its adverse health effects;
(C) background information regarding federal and state regulations and guidance that pertain to lead-based paint abatement including the TELRR;
(D) liability and insurance issues relating to lead-based paint abatement;
(E) contract specifications and cost estimation;
(F) community relations;
(G) project management and supervisory techniques;
(H) risk assessment and inspection report interpretation;
(I) development and implementation of an occupant protection plan and abatement report;
(J) lead-based paint hazard recognition and control;
(K) lead-based paint abatement and lead-based paint hazard reduction methods, including restricted practices;
(L) interior dust abatement/cleanup or lead-based paint hazard control and reduction methods;
(M) soil and exterior dust abatement or lead-based paint hazard control and reduction methods;
(N) clearance standards and testing;
(O) cleanup and waste disposal; and
(P) recordkeeping

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