Asbestos Inspector Refresher

This course is in accordance with all requirements of 40 CFR 763 under TSCA TITLE II (AHERA), Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules, and qualifies the individual as a NESHAP trained person.


The inspector refresher is a 1/2 course. Person seeking to take this course must have successfully passed the initial asbestos inspector course.  No end of the course test is given. The course addresses:

(1) background information of asbestos;
(2) potential health effects related to asbestos exposure;
(3) functions/qualifications and role of inspectors;
(4) legal liabilities and defenses;
(5) understanding of building systems;
(6) public/employee/building occupant relations;
(7) pre-inspection planning, and review of previous survey records;
(8) inspecting for friable and non-friable ACBM;
(9) assessing of the condition of friable ACBM;
(10) bulk sampling/documentation of asbestos;
(11) air monitoring;
(12) employee personal protective equipment;
(13) record keeping and writing of the survey report; and
(14) regulatory review


Successful completion of the initial course.

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